Strategy and values

We serve as a force that impacts society and provide our customer owners with ICMT services that generate value. We plan, develop, implement and maintain digital operating environments for social operators, such as hospitals and municipalities to secure the wellbeing of all people. Our values include responsibility, customer success, courage, cooperation and leadership.

Our values


We do the right thing in every situation and exceed expectations. We promote sustainable development through business and also ensure the wellbeing of future generations.

Customer success

We build success together. We continuously develop our expert competence to make sure our customers get the best possible service. We keep the promises we make.


For us, courage means honesty, persistence and not being afraid to take on new challenges. We seek new solutions to make everyday life better. We celebrate success and learn from failure. ​


We achieve more by working together. Cooperation at Istekki is open, interactive and respectful.


We are pioneers who work consistently and take responsibility. Everyone at Istekki takes leadership of oneself.

Our strategy and values

At Istekki, we adhere to the principle of a rolling strategy. The principal idea behind a rolling strategy is monitoring the operating environment continuously and supplementing and/or amending the strategy as the operating environment changes.

Istekki’s entire staff, the Board of Directors and the owners in their own roles take part in the strategy work. 

Our strategy process is divided into four phases:

  1. Understanding
  2. Vision
  3. Choices
  4. Implementation

In practice, the first three phases are related to strategic planning and the fourth involves executing the plan.