Data protection

Data protection is a basic right that aims to secure your privacy. It is important to us that our owner-customers, partners and other parties that use our services and cooperate with us can rely on appropriate data security and data protection across all of our services and activities. This page provides information on the contexts and ways in which we process your personal data in our operations.

How and on what grounds do we process your information?

All of our activities comply with the effective data protection legislation. One of our most important obligations is to openly and understandably communicate the contexts and ways in which we process your data. This ensures that you can assess whether or not the processing is appropriate and exercise your rights related to the data processing.

The data subjects include our customers and their partners, our potential customers and their partners, and our own partners. Our job applicants and employees, visitors to our offices or web pages, and those who contact our telephone exchange or customer service are also regarded as data subjects.

We process the personal data and contact details of our customers and their partners when procuring, producing and supplying services to our customers, managing our customer relationships, or otherwise cooperating or operating with customers or their partners. We obtain the personal data based on customer or cooperation agreements from the customer, partner or owner of the data.

We also process the personal data and contact details of our customers’ employees or partners to develop our service operations and service experiences or when offering new services to our customers. In this context, too, we obtain the personal data from our customers or partners, or the owners of the data. Here, the basis for processing the personal data is legitimate interest. A balancing test on legitimate interest is conducted where necessary.

Our premises and the areas outside them feature camera surveillance, which means that visitors to our premises may be caught on recorded video. We also collect information on people who visit our premises. The basis for processing the data in this case, too, is legitimate interest.

In the context of recruitment, the processing of personal data is based on applicant consent, whereas the personal data of our employees is processed based on the employment contract drawn up with each employee or the statutory obligation on the processing of information related to an employment relationship.

Irrespective of the purpose, we undertake to process the data appropriately, carefully and in compliance with the law. Personal data is only processed by persons whose work tasks entail the processing such information.