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Istekki Oy

Istekki is fully Finnish growing and evolving expert organization operating in Information, Health and Wellness Technology (ICMT) field with approximately 600 employees. Istekki is known nationwide as a strong player in Social and Health Care organizations. Since established in 2009, Istekki has grown fast. Istekki's vision is to be a respected enabler for the most important work in Finland. Istekki is known as a reliable partner and the company already has more than 40 customer owners.

Istekki provides customized and tailored services and solutions to its customer owners helping to facilitate their day-to-day IT management and supporting their strategy. Headquarter is located in Kuopio and other offices are located in Tampere and in Jyväskylä. Our job is to take care, help you succeed and to build a new digital tomorrow together.

Istekki acts as a link unit under the Acquisition Act in relation to its owners. Istekki is an entity in accordance with the Procurement Act and implements tendering for its own service production and business needs by complying with the Public Procurement Act.

Our services:

  • Provincial services (Social and Health Care organizations ICT-services and support services, for example systems for specialized medical care, laboratories and social care).

  • Health and wellness technology services ( Expertise in Health and wellness technology services, maintenance and integration of medical device systems and devices for customers environments).

  • Municipal services (ICT-services and support services for example in schools, municipal-ICT and information systems for different fields, finance and human resources management and information management).

  • Other services: knowledge management, consulting, education, project services, platform services for information management and security services.



For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

Lasse Koskivuori



+358 44 434 1234

Marko Pursiainen

Director, Production


+358 40 808 0871

Matti Hakomäki

Director, Municipal services


+358 40 808 0998

Tuomo Mujunen

Director, Provincial services


+358 44 555 9457

Juha Palve

Director, Health and wellness technology services


+358 40 048 8414